Exciting Times Ahead!

At times it’s been tough (really tough) but for me there has always been an underlying feeling of excitement (along with exhaustion, tears, anger)… because for all of these lovely people (and of course for me), the shifts have bought greater strength and joy and the ability to follow their path, at their very best.

I occasionally stop to think… If the people I’m coming in contact with are doing this deep work of letting go, then many others must be, then I get really excited about the changes that are taking place on mass. With so many people shifting, then big change is created. Woohoo!

Of course there’s been a lot of help with the shifts (and sometimes big pushes in directions we’d prefer not to go…. just too painful or scary!). We’ve had some supercharged energies, planetary alignments, extreme weather patterns, a bad summer, nudges from our higher selves, higher beings, endless amounts of help in fact. And it continues….

So what’s to come for the rest of the year??? There’s been a lot of hoo ha about the end of the world and I’m excited because it will be the end of the world…. as we know it. What’s to follow in 2013, who knows, but I feel for many of us, life will be much freer to do what makes our hearts sing, with a greater connection to our special gifts, to each other and to the path we are meant to follow. And of course as we change then the systems we rely on (banking, political systems etc) will need to change so there is sure to be some upheaval.

And there’s some extra special help coming up to help us to get there (and no doubt to stir the pot some more)…




We’ve all heard that this day is important, it’s a BIG helping hand on the journey (we’ve all been taking) toward being whole, balanced, centred and able to see the world and to act without the fears, anger, darkness and hurts of the past. On this day I’m shown that a portal of light will open, light that will influx and help us along our path. Helping us to clear darkness, to accept more light and to become whole so that we can connect as one from the heart… as light beings!

So on the 12th of the 12th of 2012, spend some time, some still time to allow the light to come in, allow your body to accept that light, to balance, to shift, to become light itself. A great time to do that is of course at 12 minutes past 12 but if that’s not possible then any time is fine. By being open and accepting and we will reap the rewards.

This is a very special day, enjoy!




At this very special Solstice, when the sun will align with the milky way’s core – alignment of the father and mother, of masculine and feminine, from a place of love. At last feminine energy will equal masculine! This will be a time for our lovely planet to move into balance and once again there is said to be a massive influx of light.

For me it feels like on this day and the few days after the 21st it will be important to spend time in nature, to connect to the changes in the earth and in mass consciousness.

We’ve been preparing for this intensively for the last 25 years, and for lifetimes so keep in mind that it’s all perfect, there may be some wobbly moments (particularly between the 12th and 21st), some moments where we don’t know where we’re heading (but do we really need to know?), but if we stay focused in the heart and realise that all is perfect and part of a beautiful grand plan, then we’ll glide over the bumps!

And know that there’s always a time of integration, it’s not just about the day but about the changes that then come, so take care – care for yourself and those around you, eat well, rest and have fun allowing the changes to come. I suspect there will be a month of pretty full-on integration so take it easy!

With love to you on your journey to light and wholeness!