What is acension anyway?

These days ascension basically means that we see things from a different perspective, a different dimension, while still living life on earth. As we grow and heal, we see things differently, behave differently, have different drives, different wishes for our lives and for others. We are less effected by our baggage and more connected to our higher wisdom.

We begin from the perspective of the 3rd dimension where we believe that everything around us, everything that we see, can touch, is all there is. It’s the material reality, the physical reality. Where events happen in a linier way… the past creates the present and the present creates the future. Being healthy in this dimension comes when we’re grounded into our bodies, fully here.

We then begin to see things differently, to move to the 4th dimension, where time and space don’t have a fixed reality, where we know that there’s more than what we see, where multiple realities can exist at the same time but appear to be happening at very different times. From this dimension we are healthy by being grounded in our bodies (3rd dim) and by mastering our emotions, by mastering lower emotions such as anger, greed, jealousy, fear, abandonment, neediness, guilt etc. and by living from a place of purity, forgiveness, trust, love and grace.

From there we move to the perspective of the 5th dimension where the mind is mastered. Where thoughts aren’t effected by negative emotions but are  almost given power by the positive emotions mastered in the 4th dimension. In this dimension health is achieved by learning to control thinking, by clearing negative and scattered thoughts and accessing the thoughts of our higher self or soul.

Sounds good hey! Grounded in our bodies, pure emotions and higher thoughts. You wouldn’t think it could get better, but of course if you’re in the 5th dimension you would believe with love that it will get even better!

The 6th dimension is the place or perspective where we’re living the life of the soul, where we are fulfilling our special purpose, where we know clearly what we need to do, what we love to do, where we know what we need to do to ascend further, to heal. We know we are a cosmic being and all that we do effects the whole, we are all one.

But of course it’s not necessarily linear, we might flit from one to another, from 5th to 3rd, we might stride more than one dimension at a time, depending on what we’re working on and where we’re at in life at the time.

So how do we move from one perspective to another? How do we ascend? By healing our ‘stuff’, our physical body, our emotional hurts, our fears, our worries, by healing anything that brings a feeling of stuck-ness, of being in a rut, of not being happy, of not fulfilling our purpose, anything that holds us back. Also by being mindful, meditation, calming practices ill all help with this, the more mindful we are, the more we heal and change.

Imagine if everyone did that! What an amazing world it would be.

It’s important to remember that everything we do is important, every thought, every action, every word. It all has an effect on our ascension and because we’re all connected, it has an effect on absolutely everyone, everywhere. It’s well worth being mindful, healing and climbing the ladder, bit by bit.

Happy ascension!!