New ‘Whale Bags’ and Recycled Car tyre ‘Treads’ by The Whale Company


The Whale company is a lifestyle and fashion brand that follows ethical business practices to produce sustainable products for mindful living; whilst supporting marine conservation.

The Blue Whale Bag, £7.50, 44cm (w) x 14cm (d) 38cm

An organic cotton shoulder bag with a drawstring at the top. The blue whale folds conveniently into its own pouch with long comfy straps which makes it easy to take with you, wherever you go. It is lightweight and fits a large capacity so perfect for the beach, the gym or shopping. The blue whale is specially designed with no seams at the bottom, so it is extremely strong (holds 20kg). Available in 4 natural Colorways – Driftwood Brown, Coral Pink, Tropical Blue, Deep Blue, machine washable, iron with care.

Whalebags and Whaletreads are perfect for the Summer, with a marine, nautical vibe – 5% of all Whale Company profits go to the marine conservation!

We believe that people should be treated fairly and with respect.   When choosing a supplier to make the bags it was very important to visit the factory to ensure that standards were being met.  In 2012 we went to several factories in India before deciding who to work with.


We ensure that The Whale Company products are as sustainable as possible. The materials we use are organic, recycled or re-used.  Even the toggles on our cotton bags are manufactured from fallen, harvested twigs; the dyes are Azo free; and the labels and display stands are made from recycled cardboard.

Our Whalebags are convenient and strong; their innovative design makes it easy for the consumer to change their behaviour.  Our Whaletreads are hard wearing and comfortable. Our Whalebeing range is made from beautiful, natural fabrics and designed for comfort and style.  Our target customers have busy, sociable lifestyles and need a product that helps them to be green.

The Whale Company products come in a range of styles and colours that appeal to both men and women. They have been designed with the fashion-conscious shopper in mind and as a result are more desirable. In addition, there is a strong environmental message with which people want to be associated.

The Whale Company has a unique logo design which is immediately recognisable.  We promote a way of life and build relationships with our customers through an interactive website.  5% of all profits go to marine conservation (see conservation projects). We hope these factors help to make us more memorable.

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