Fair Trade Fashion Pioneers: People Tree

People Tree is the pioneer of Fair Trade and sustainable fashion. People Tree is the first international clothing company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade product label. People Tree launched the first Soil Association certified organic product manufactured in the developing world, ten years ago. Our products are made to the highest Fair Trade and environmental standards from start to finish and consistently prove that it is possible to wear stylish, exciting and affordable fashion, at the same time as respecting people and planet.

Fair Trade means far more than paying a fair price, we aim to use fashion as a tool to empower the world’s most marginalised people. People Tree actively supports 4000 farmers and artisans through 50 Fair Trade producer groups, in 8 developing countries.

We provide technical assistance for artisans and their organisations so they can improve their skills, and strengthen their businesses and social impact. And we regularly make 50% advance payments on orders, to help farmers and producer groups to finance Fair Trade.

People Tree creates three seasonal collections a year which are available online at www.peopletree.co.uk and through our mail order catalogue. Our designs are also stocked in over 280 shops throughout Europe and 400 stores in Japan. There are three People Tree flagship stores in Tokyo. 

Since Spring/Summer 2007, People Tree has been collaborating with internationally renowned designers to create stunning capsule collections that marry high design with Fair Trade and sustainability. We have worked with Orla Kiely, Zandra Rhodes, Simeon Farrar, Sam Ubhi, Jessica Ogden, Laura Ashley and Thakoon. In 2009 world attention was drawn to People Tree when actress Emma Watson collaborated with the brand on her first ever collection.

People Tree has operations in Britain and Japan and is affiliated to a Japan-based environmental and social justice NGO called Global Village, founded in 1989 by British Fair Trade and environmental activist, Safia Minney. In 2009 Safia Minney also set up the People Tree Foundation, a registered UK based charity that supports and campaigns for Fair Trade and sustainability.  People Tree has been registered as a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation since 1996.

People Tree’s Fair Trade Policy


–       To pay producers fair prices

–       To make advance payments when needed

–       To promote traditional skills

–       To promote rural development

–       To operate with transparency 

People Tree’s Eco Policy


–       To promote organic cotton farming and carbon neutral, handmade fabrics

–       To avoid using damaging chemicals

–       To use natural, recycled and biodegradable substances where possible

–       To recycle where possible

–       To protect water supplies and forests