Asquith London Organic and Bamboo Yoga Pilates and Leisure wear Summer Range 2014


I first got to try Asquith London right back in 2010. I had just started  travel writing and went on my first assignment.  It was A yoga trip to Italy for Yoga Magazine. It was, without a doubt a fantastic week away where I met new people, ate amazing food and fell in love with yoga.  


I also got to wear some gorgeous brand new organic and bamboo yoga gear, especially for my trip. Alice Asquith, designer, CEO and founder of Asquith London was kind enough to give me several outfits to wear during the week. Its now 2014 and guess what? I still wear the pants and tops, wrap cardigans that I was given back then! I literally wear them ALL the time. At least twice a week I wear pieces from the range. And they still are super soft, have had no tears or wear marks and are still pretty vibrant in colour. No other brand in my cupboard has lasted this long – ever! 


If you really are a stickler for quality and value for money, you simply can’t go past this range.  Alice only uses ethical sources and organic and bamboo fabrics and the dyes are natural based too. Its clothing that is simply good for you and for the planet too.  


The organic cotton fabrics are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile standard). All fabrics are rigorously checked and SGS tested for pilling, shrinkage, colour fastness, pilling and dimensional stability.

Asquith London allows the wearer to buy ethically without sacrificing quality, style and design. We use the softest jersey fabrics that won’t shrink, fade, bobble or stretch, so that the pieces can be loved, worn and treasured from season to season.


Our organic cotton is from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified sources, so you know the raw cotton has been farmed giving consideration to the environment without the use of pesticides and chemicals.


  • Exquisitely soft and durable
  • Super absorbent
  • Naturally anti bacterial (therefore reducing skin irritations)
  • Let’s your skin breathe and wicks moisture away from the body
  • Grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals
  • The Bamboo is imported in finished form from china ready for spinning. There is no chemical process involved in converting fiber to yarn

The new range for SS 2014 is just gorgeous so many bright colours such as these two tops. I am absolutely loving my lounge pants that are slightly flared. Super comfortable, it also means I can be wearing something that I feel good in (I liken wearing Asquith London to feeling like a ‘hug’ – they are that comfortable) but its also stylish enough to be seen out in public in. Ive worn some of their t-shirts with jeans and under blazers! 



The new collection features some truly stunning pieces, such as these gorgeous Cobalt Blue Harem pants: These would look really good with the high wedge trainers that so many people are wearing. 

Many of the pieces are also perfect for Maternity wear. 

I absolutely love this range and am thrilled when I have new pieces as I know they become favourite staples in my wardrobe.

You simply can’t go wrong with Asquith London!