New Book – Ecologist Guide to Fashion


Drawing on their extensive archives, as well as much new material, the Ecologist Guide to Food and the Ecologist Guide to Fashion delve behind the labels of the food we eat and the clothes we wear

More than any other, the fashion industry is constantly evolving, with each season bringing a host of new trends, fabrics, cuts and silhouettes to the forefront. But fashion’s main strengths – innovation and creativity – are also, in environmental terms, its Achilles’ heel. 

But what if our denim jeans could be made to last for a lifetime? What if all of our accessories could be beautifully manufactured using upcycled rubbish? Can ethical clothing’s once unstylish image be consigned to the history books? As well as revealing the upsetting practices behind the brands, journalist Ruth Styles explores the positive changes the fashion industry is making, celebrating emerging ethical talent and recognizing those large corporations taking positive steps in a greener direction. 


Ruth Styles is a writer and journalist specializing in fashion, culture, travel and lifestyle. Currently a senior writer at Femail, she also writes for a number of national and international publications including National Geographic Traveller, the Wall Street Journal, the London Evening Standard and the Telegraph. 

Available  February 2014

Price  £9.99

 Ecologists Guide To Fashion

Forewords from Zac Goldsmith