Made Closer – A More Ethical Way to Shop

US girls just love to shop. And these days when money’s short, we can still find a piece of frippery for under a tenner.


But when you click on checkout, does your stomach lurch, even fleetingly, for the women and often children who may have made your garment for sometimes less than a penny a day?


Do you honestly know how many of your fabulous frocks have been produced by people given a fair wage working in safe conditions without risk to life or limb?


Some of the industry’s biggest names have come under scrutiny following a string of tragedies in shoddily-built factories where workers have been killed making budget-priced clothing.


But there is another way. 


The answer to guilt-free shopping could lie in the hands of John Palaguta-Iles and his team of five from Ringwood in the New Forest, who have launched Made Closer, an ethical online market place.


Mr Palaguta-Iles brainchild,, was set up to give shoppers craving convenience and affordability a guilt-free experience.


And with on trend fashions, shoes, jewellery and luxurious skin care-ranges that will make even Clarins and Chanel girls turn their heads, Made Closer offers a mouthwatering choice.


Mr Palaguta-Iles said: “People can now vote with their wallets and make an informed choice. We are transparent and honest, so shoppers are being clearly informed of where their goods are coming from.

“Our website makes it easy for customers to buy ethically-sourced products who do not have all day to conduct painstaking searches.”

Already scores of ethical brands are trading through the website, including Molly Fashion, Maude and Fox and Britwear.

Graham Burlinson of Mollie Fashion said: “I am so proud that our fabrics and our clothes are made in the UK. It gives people jobs and keeps the money circulating here.

“British companies like ours, keeps the economy thriving.”

And Made Closer’s manufacturing population is growing every day.

London skin care and fragrance range, Coco Mangai have joined Made Closer’s expanding brands. 

Urvashi Scanlan of Coco Mangai said: “Our natural products are made in Kidderminster and Derby, however we source our essential oils, like Ylang Ylang overseas.

“It is lovely to give luxurious quality to people who care where their creams are coming from and this website is a great place to find us.”

Mr Palaguta-Iles added: “Made Closer will be giving Amazon a run for their money, eventually.”

And a pleasant surprise awaits shoppers when they reach the checkout; delivery is included in the price.


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