Clothing Companies Pull Angora Wool Following PETA Asia Investigation

We’re grateful to H&M and other compassionate retailers who have either pulled angora products from their shelves or halted production of clothing and accessories that contain this vile “fabric”. PETA Asia’s unprecedented investigation shows the never-before-seen reality of life and death for millions of angora rabbits in China – the source of 90 per cent of the world’s angora fur.

The video footage shows how the terrified animals have clumps of their fur yanked out as they scream in pain. Rabbits who have their fur cut or sheared also suffer: during the cutting process, their front and back legs are tightly tethered. Those who have not died of shock have their throats slit once their production wanes, and their skin is torn from their bodies. The simple fact for retailers still selling angora products is that you cannot regulate animal cruelty.

The brutal angora industry is just as unacceptable as the fur trade. PETA’s message to Christmas shoppers is that regardless of whether a label says 100 per cent or 1 per cent angora, the price paid by the animals is too high. Consumers can send a clear message to any retailers still selling angora items by leaving those items on the shelves and hangers and instead purchasing from among the multitude of warm, high-quality, animal-free clothing and accessories that are now available.