Get Creative and Customise Your Old Clothes

For example, with a little creativity we can update key pieces to ensure we stay fashionable. All we need is a needle and thread and a bit of inspiration!

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few suggestions of how to update your old clothing and accessories to make them more on-trend:

  1. Customise with studs. Adding studs is a great way of updating your clothing and accessories for 2013. So before throwing out that old, tired piece of clothing, get creative. Studs can be found cheaply in most haberdasheries and will fasten securely onto cotton or leather. Add them to the neckline or shoulders of a plain t-shirt or sweatshirt for a rock chick edge. Or create a pair of studded ankle boots by embellishing an old pair of boots. 


Tip: To ensure your clothing lasts, hand-wash carefully to ensure the studs don’t cause them to fray.


  1. Make new from old. In addition to customising your old clothes, don’t be afraid to make new clothes from old materials or even unwanted items owned by family or friends. An oversized men’s denim shirt will make a great dress if altered and worn with leggings (You can even use some of those leftover studs!). Also men’s jeans can be cut into denim miniskirts and high-waisted shorts for a summer festival look.


  1. Recycle old fabrics. For something simpler use offcuts of old fabrics to customise new clothing. For example, look for printed fabrics and sew pieces to the shoulders or elbows of a plain t-shirt or long sleeved top. This can be carefully removed and replaced with different fabrics as trends change. At the moment search for Aztec or Fair-isle prints for an on-trend winter look.

These are just a few ideas to get you started; there are so many ways to update your existing wardrobe. Get creative and show off your individual style and personality!