Exclusive Yet Affordable Eco-Gifts From Katcha Bilek

B offers a variety of products for men and women, including handbags, laptop bags, wallets, purses and belts. At KB, we develop a hands-on knowledge of our materials, making sure that each item is unique and yet durably constructed.

Furthering the KB love of eco, all materials are locally sourced and hand-crafted in the UK. In this way, KB’s manufacturing process reduces the amount of waste going into landfill, and reduces strain on resources and overall carbon footprint by eliminating the need for new materials and the transport of these materials. The repurposing process also negates the need for environmentally damaging manufacturing methods and by-products. KB’s year-on-year growth also generates jobs for British workers, who are fully trained at KB in their new trade.

It was in 1999, when founder Katcha was living in a converted fire engine, that the eco-design story began. ‘I became so aware of the abandoned materials that were around me and it struck me that with some imagination they could be reconstructed into something beautiful and useful.’ Using her knowledge of leatherwork techniques, Katcha began creating beautifully designed handbags and wallets made from lorry inner tubes and car seatbelts, selling them from the back of her fire engine. The KB studio is now set firmly in the arts community of Stokes Croft, Bristol, where one-of-a-kind, British, eco-friendly products continue to evolve. Major companies have commissioned pieces from KB. For Sony, they designed a selection of bespoke laptop bags to raise the company’s green profile. KB prioritizes high-end exclusive design, supporting sustainability with a beautiful and timeless collection.

Current News:

KB has been selected as a finalist for the SOURCE Awards by the Ethical Fashion Forum  for pioneering work in promoting sustainability and ethical values in the fashion accessories industry. Awards take place on the 4th Dec 2012.

From the 8th December the entire KB collection will be on sale at the new Pants to Poverty shop, The Loom, The Stitch and Wardrobe in Pavilion Road, Sloane Square.

On the 13th December, KB will be participating in the Urban Times’ Bid for Better event, a silent auction with 50+ garments/accessories donated by sustainable fashion brands. It will be up to guests to silently bid for pieces and at the end of the evening each item will go to to the highest bidder. The event will take place at the GV Gallery in London. http://bidforbetter.urbantimes.co/

For more information visit: www.katchabilek.com. For further enquiries email: info@katchabilek.com. To see the making of a KB creation, follow: http://vimeo.com/34087132