Tela Bags – From Trash to Trend

It has become something of a trend bringing your own grocery bag to the store in the effort to rid the world against plastic bags accumulating in dumps.  In fact most businesses have their own re-usable bag available for sale which is fabulous for the environment, but a little lacking in the fashion department.

Tela Bags have come up with just the right thing – Eco friendly, fashionable bags made out of materials that would otherwise end up as landfill (think vintage magazines, newspapers, leftover linoleum floor coverings and even kite materials).  These guys are super cool, affordable, so much sturdier than the average cloth grocery bag and they really make a statement.   You’ll also feel so much better knowing that your bag is doing so much  more than just reducing the need for plastic bags, your reducing landfill from other rubbish as well.  Each Tela Bag is also unique being handcut and quality controlled at every step, you’ll never find another like it.

Like this idea?  I do and what’s even better is that they don’t just make trendy substitutes for grocery bags, they make fully functional accessories too from notebooks and keyholders to wallets and handbags. Read more