Cream And Co Organic and Bamboo Clothing

When it comes to fabric and what feels just so darn good to wear, I personally think you can’t beat the feel of Bamboo against your skin. It’s so soft, cool and comforting that it feels like your clothing is giving you a hug. Well that’s what I think, however odd that might sound!

I have had bamboo clothing in my wardrobe for a few years now and am always so impressed by how well it washes and that it retains its shape – making it a very economical purchase. How many of us buy cheap clothing that looks good for a few washes, then loses it’s shape and ends up in the bin or the charity shop?


I’m all for quality, ethics and long lasting and I’m pleased to discover Cream and Co, a UK made and owned Ethical clothing store. Their extensive range is SO impressive, from underwear and socks, to pyjamas and robes, children’s wear, day wear and even clothing for night time!

I’ve been trying out a cream, Cream and Co long sleeved shirt and its fantastic. Seamless and so comfortable to wear, one of those items that can go with a lot of things. I love the feel of it against my skin and as mentioned before, it washes so well.


What is so good about Bamboo?

Naturally grown
Sustainable and produced without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides.  Bamboo production can get a bad wrap, with many saying it is grown with pesticides. But not the stuff Cream and Co source! 
Cooling & Highly breathable
4 times more absorbent than cotton. Longer fibers wick away moisture.
Naturally healthy
Naturally antibacterial and antifungal.
Ideal for people with allergies and skin sensitivities.
Antistatic & UV protective


The Story Behind Cream And Co…….

Vicky Gerrell a Dorset mum of three and the founder of Cream and Co, is pioneering the innovative use of bamboo in clothing, following on from her search for more eczema-friendly and sensitive skin products, hence creating a fashion range.

Cream & Co, operates from an old army barracks in Holt, near Wimborne, Dorset and employs a local team to source, design and create a range of products made from bamboo derivatives or organic materials. Set up in 2008 by founder Vicky Gerrell, a fashion buyer from Cheshire with a desire to find more natural, eco-friendly and sustainable textiles to use in fashion. After struggling to find resources locally, Vicky set up a pattern-making team to make samples before outsourcing them to UK manufacturers.


Vicky spent her childhood in Cheshire where her love of fashion and textiles began. Fabric mills were still in action and markets and stores sold high quality textiles and they were all based close by.

What is now a business started as a hobby, buying lengths of fabric and designing and creating outfits guided mainly by her talented mother and inspired by the high quality boutiques in the area. Her passion was for fashion and she knew from an early age that one day she wanted her own business.

Vicky has spent the last 3 decades living in Dorset, moving here for her career and then making deep roots. A wife and mother of 3 (with two children still at school) she has now found time to develop Cream & Co a company selling bamboo and organic fashion and home products.
Having a keen interest in travel and the environment Vicky graduated with a degree in Geography from Southampton Uni. and then moved to London to train in Accountancy.


She quickly realised she was now in the hub of retail businesses and that accountancy was not for her, she trained in several Retail Head Offices with major brands and multiples to progress to becoming a fashion buyer. Vicky worked for some of the big fashion houses including Windsmoor, Top Shop, House of Fraser and Beales.
Where possible Vicky will always buy and support other local businesses, using local suppliers, talent and the skill set and she has taken courses locally at BU.

Vicky employees an apprentice, admin and sales support, and a freelance PR Consultancy. All of the team live locally, she also uses the skills of local other local suppliers and she is the chief designer based her in Wimborne, Dorset and her garments are created locally by specialist manufacturing firms. The range is sold locally, nationally and now internationally to the USA and Europe.

cream and co1.JPG-pwrt3

Products are sold to consumers and also to hoteliers, health spa and beauty professionals etc.

She lives and works in Holt, near Wimborne, launched Cream & Co, an environmentally-friendly clothing and accessories range in 2010.

Cream & Co is an evolution in shopping, providing natural, organic, sustainable alternatives in stylish Ladies, Men’s and Children’s clothes buying, as well as being an on line and destination haven for shoppers looking for luxurious Bed Linen, bath-ware and gifts.


The range is versatile, it hangs well, it’s flattering, stylish, timeless, feminine and elegant.
The range is dyed with non-toxic dyes and has been especially designed to look great and feel comfortable.

Says Vicky

“As a fashion buyer (pre-children) I became aware of the dreadful chemicals habitually used in the industry from the time of sowing of cotton to the moment of garment finishing. The world’s incessant demand for fashion means that these practices are now widespread. They affect us all, from the farmers and their families hands-on in the fields (with the obvious health implications), to the workers in the factories and finally us – me and you – because these toxic chemicals lurk insidiously in the clothes that we, and our children, wear day and night.

We care about the future of our world and want to play our part in making it a greener, fairer place.”

Cream and Co Ethical Clothing has been sourced from suppliers that work to reduce poverty, and create sustainable livelihoods for the garment workers and aim to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.


Cream & Co are members of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) who are a network of individuals, business and organisations focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

We use manufacturers and suppliers who are certified by SKAL (Dutch) a non-profit world renown organisation that certifies organic and ethical production alongside the Soil Association and many others.
The Organic and Bamboo Clothing sold by Cream & Co is ethically sourced and by purchasing ethical products you are helping to support the livelihoods of garment workers in this field.

Vicky said

“It’s great to be a rural business, and really fits with the ethos of our brand, being natural and organic. We started off buying products to sell but now we design and have our products made exclusively for us. We’re looking to bring more work ‘in-house’. With this in mind, I’d like to set up a garment manufacturing facility close by in the near future.”

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