Creating an Eco-education & Community arts centre for sustainable living & well-being in the beautiful Puglia, Italy

Help us to craft a better world….

We are building the NuArc an Eco-education centre in the beautiful lands of Puglia, Italy.

Hosting workshops in Permaculture, sustainability, community arts, health & well-being we aim to give opportunites for people to learn from the natural environment empowering them to make more informed choices for their own lives.

Our first mission is to create a solid foundation for our first students, this includes a safe and welcoming environment which will entail; renovation of the traditional ‘trullo’ house and kitchen and to create extra accommodation, toilets, showers and beautiful communal spaces.

The NuArc will give people the opportunity to reconnect with nature, understand what riches are abundant in nature, and once again learn how to live in harmony with nature. We feel this could be the turning point for the planet to thrive, not just survive. Thankfully similar projects are opening up all the time around the world and we are happy to be part of a growing movement towards a respectful and peaceful humanity.

Living in or around towns and cities is life for a large percentage of our population but the reality is that you sometimes miss out on the beauty, power and stillness that is our natural environment. For thousands of years humanity had a huge respect for our Mother Nature, she gave us food, shelter, warmth, medicine, music, art and love and we nourished this perfect relationship. Then only a few hundred years ago an imbalance began to occur, some of humanity started to use her resources without such respect and now we come to a time where we have used and wasted so much of her rich resources that we are at critical point for the survival of not only humanity but all the species, flora and fauna and the planet itself.

The Plan….

*** Initially will be the renovation of the Trullo (traditional stone house), this will enable the first of the training in traditional building technique using locally sourced natural materials. Once completed the property can then be used to accommodate the first of the workshop learners and trainers. We will then create natural facilities like compost toilets and solar shower units for people who choose to stay in tents or yurts which will aim to purchse as the workshops progress.

*** When the workshops are not running we will rent the space for sustainable holidays to help promote the local crafts and foods that this magical area produces. This will also bring an income to help sustain the project.

*** Secondly we aim to build a strawbale studio as workshop space available for teachers of the various workshops and also Yoga / Tai Chi and martial arts, personal development courses, complementary therapist’s. This will be built as sustainable building workshops again using local natural materials such as wood, straw and clay.

*** Thirdly we aim to expand the accommodation by building a new strawbale house where up to 8 people can stay for further workshops such as permaculture, healthy cooking, event management, entrepreneurship, and ecological studies.

*** As the project naturally grows we envisage our fourth stage which would be the purchase of the other half of the Trullo which is next door. Reuniting and renovating the original trullo to its full splendour would enable much larger groups to attend the exciting workshops that this project will cultivate.



As a group we have a wealth of experience in events surounding health, wellbeing and sustainability, we made sure these were Free of charge so we could encourage people who were curious and maybe spark them to look further in this area. We can happily say that many people’s lives changed and so to their impact on the environment.

So now comes the time to scale this up and open these opportunities to the international communities. Planning to cooperate with different agencies we will look to offer some subsidised courses again enabling a wider range of people to attend.


On a mission….

Seeing the self destructive behaviour of a large percentage of the worlds population, and therefore the planetary destruction we aim to encourage people to spend a few days, weeks in a safe and natural environment to learn and experience how life can be simpler and more loving with a change of perspective.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr Wayne Dyer


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Nuarc land

Tipping Point Goal: £7,000

Total Funding Goal: £12,000


Initial costs ~ tipping point

Reaching the tipping point will allow us to really make a welcoming space for our clients, using sustainable materials to bring some home comforts, this will include:

*** Complete rewiring of the very old electrics!

*** New sewage system and shower, toilets.

*** Renovation of the internal space

*** Renovation and refurbishment of accommodation

*** Renewal with energy efficient appliances

*** Repairing of roof and general leaks

*** Building compost toilets

*** Building solar showers


Ultimate goal ~ tipping over……

*** Purchasing of yurts or bell tents for extra accommodation

*** Creation of a strawbale studio space for workshops

*** Purchasing traditional tools for the land

*** Permaculture design of land


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