:Less Than £20 Could Help Solve Looming National Crisis Triggered By Cold Weather and Increased Energy Prices

Tom, the brand new digital thermometer aiming to save lives this winter, is helping to tackle what has been labelled a ‘national crisis’, after fuel poverty campaigners raised the important issue of optimum room temperature this morning. In a new report published today, campaign group Energy Bill Revolution compared the country’s homes with Estonia. It comes as Public Health England suggested temperature zoning as way of keeping homes warm and impossible energy bills at bay, drawing vital attention to the predicament many face.

In its missive to Downing Street, Energy Health Revolution notes that the UK’s poorly insulated buildings were among the worst in Europe. Britain’s so-called ‘leaky homes’ combined with rising energy bills and a cold winter ahead have helped to create a perfect storm for those at risk from cold-related illness in the coming months. 

It is expected that millions will struggle to heat properties over the coming months with some campaigners warning earlier this week that many will have to choose between eating or heating when the chill sets in. This predicament will see rooms in some homes drop to dangerously low temperatures with the elderly at the most risk of illness as a result. Public Health England advises that the optimum room temperature for living areas is 21°C, although some areas of the home, such as bedrooms, can be heated to just 18°C.  Rising energy prices announced by major suppliers this week mean that a fear of expensive bills is preventing some of the nation’s most vulnerable residents from heating their homes to this safe environment threshold. Age UK has also weighed in on the debate, stating that the elderly will be most at risk from this worrying trend with their decreasing pension funds, higher energy bills and susceptibility to a range of cold-related illness putting them firmly in the danger zone this winter.

Designed as a digital thermometer, Tom is a unique monitor which uses an innovative approach that makes sense of room temperature. Its large temperature display alerts the user if the room temperature drops below a safe level. If the temperature drops below 18°C Tom will display the word ‘COOL’ and will flash blue every six seconds, however if the temperature drops below 16°C, (the temperature at which health risks can increase significantly), Tom will flash blue every three seconds and display an easy to read word ‘COLD’, attracting the attention of anyone in the home and informing them that immediate remedial action is required to avoid potential cold related health issues.

The device is the perfect accompaniment to Public Health England’s crusade to ensure all living rooms remain at 21C or above this winter. Simply by asking ‘How’s Tom?’ the concerned relatives of an elderly person can quickly establish if the temperature of their living space is dropping to levels associated with serious illness.

Steven Parker, one of the creators of Tom, says, “The debate rages on about how Britain is going to pay its collective energy bill this winter, but our more direct concern is ensuring homes are heated to an adequate level. Many might not realise that heating their home to 15°C, a temperature which may seem fairly normal, poses a significant risk to health, especially for the elderly. We hope that Tom can draw attention to low temperatures in homes across the country, and hopefully end up saving lives this winter.”

Temperature ‘zoning’, as recommended by Public Health England, which involves heating certain rooms to a higher level than others, will certainly be a useful way to keep warm this winter. Tom can assist in tracking the temperatures across the specified area, ensuring the designated warm zone is a safe environment for residents. Who can say for certain that they know how warm their living room is? Even small temperature decreases can have a significant impact on health related issues.  This innovative digital thermometer allows the accurate measurement of temperature in an area and displays this information in an easy to understand way.

Raising the temperature to optimum levels will be a challenge for many, but Tom can provide vital assistance along the way. The saying goes that ‘knowing is half the battle’, and for many residents in ‘leaky homes’, understanding that their living space is too cold will provide a starting point for them and their families to tackle the issue this winter. 

For more information and to buy Tom online for just £19.99 visit http://www.howstom.co.uk

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