Nokero Solar products


“This is where doing good business and just plain doing good converge. Every one of our lights and chargers is designed to improve quality of life for the world’s developing regions, and being a part of this solar-powered revolution has been rewarding in all senses of the word” — CEO Steve Katsaros


We’re excited to unveil our brand-new products, the N180 (left photo) and N222 (right photo).


The two solar light bulbs set new standards for affordable lighting. They will be life-changing for millions of impoverished people who rely on burning dangerous, expensive kerosene for light. Additionally, they provide reliable and innovative technology for disaster relief victims and outdoor enthusiasts.


The two light bulbs can be purchased today in Nokero’s Online Store!


N180                                                                    N222

 Run time: 4 hours                                             Run time: 6 – 15 hours

Brightness: 5 lumens                                       Brightness: 25 – 50 lumens

Price: $6                                                             Price: $45

                Solar light bulb                                      Solar light bulb, USB phone charger