Spring Your Garden into Summer Summer Gardening tips from Matt Leacy

Weeding out

Pesky little weeds can become your garden’s biggest nightmare…and as soon as the warmer weather starts to hit they thrive. It’s important to constantly weed out your garden for a healthy garden, and spring is the time to get on top of problem areas and re-occurring weeds. Remove as much weeds as you can (roots and all) so they don’t flower and go to the seed, and where you won’t impact other plants in your garden (on pavers and edging is ideal) a weed spray can also be used for long lasting results.


Debris tidy

Clean up fallen leaves, withered plants and debris carried out from winter. Although it’s a tedious task, leaving it can suffocate plants and even carry disease into your healthy plants. But throwing this out doesn’t mean it should go to waste. Make or add it to your compost, voila!


Prune it up

Now is the perfect time for pruning. Trim back early shrubs that have finished flowering, and make sure you also thin out older wood to stimulate growth and get rid of any dead or diseased branches. Pruning plants is not only healthy for the plant itself, but also gives leaves a cleaner more polished look.


Drip feed

One of the most effective, and water efficient, ways of watering plants during the dry summer months is to use a drip system. Small plastic tubing takes the water at a set rate right to the roots of the plant for good root development. A drip system is efficient, uses less water and is less hassle as you don’t need to stand watering the garden. Because it uses less water it is also a more environmentally friendly way to water your plants this summer. You could also try soaker hoses – a punctured hose that you wind through your garden.  


Mulch it over

We have just had one of the driest winters on record and the hottest September ever. So mulch is a must for the warmer weather leading into summer. Adding a layer of mulch on top of your garden bed will help retain and conserve water. And as if that alone is not good enough reason to mulch, it reduces the pop-up of weeds and protects your plants root systems from over-heating in the scorching summer heat.


What you get is what you sow 

Choose a variety of colourful summer-blooming plants and plant them in your garden now to create that fun-loving summer vibe in and around your house. Use the extra space you have from clearing out old plants and think of cool colour combos and plant mixes you can create. Ask your local garden centre about what works well in your area, and what new plants are out for this season.


Flowering plants also do well when contained in pots for a splash of colour in gardens and on decks.


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