Help Wipe Away Global Warming – With Toilet Paper a website helps consumers find the best and greenest deals, says that even the most everyday of purchases can make a difference in the struggle against global warming.

“Recycled toilet paper used to be a staple joke in the playground,” says Steve, “but now it’s a reality.”

“If the entire country switched brands, we’d save the equivalent CO2 of 1.5bn road miles for the average car. Small in the grand scheme of things, but not to be sniffed at.”

However, some brands of recycled loo roll might be hitting a bum note and may not be as environmentally friendly as they appear.

While most “green” toilet rolls are standard 2-ply paper, some brands are available in 3-ply, which means a 50% increase in paper

“It’s likely that the carbon footprint is at least 50% more on these rolls. I don’t see the toilet as an area of my life in which I need luxury, so the extra layer is just not necessary,” Steve from said.

  • The average person gets through fifty rolls of toilet paper every year.
  • Tesco, who provide clear carbon footprint details for their products, say their standard loo roll costs 2g of CO2 per sheet, reduced to 1.3g for recycled paper
  • This means that the average bottom can save 8.4kg of C02e annually simply by changing toilet roll brand, adding up to 504,000 tonnes for the whole country!
  • Supermarkets can go even further – Sainsbury’s recently cut 11mm out of their cardboard tubes to save 140 tonnes of CO2 annually

The biggest problem with encouraging sustainable purchases is breaking consumers’ buying habits. Many shoppers still buy loo paper to suit the colour of their bathroom or toilet suite, or choose a brand known for its comfort, with consideration for the environment rarely a consideration.