Green cars for the chic eco warrior

Izzy Guarella

Being green doesn’t have to mean tackling rush hour on your bike, or hiking through the city in your favourite heels. In fact, being eco whilst on the move is easier than ever before, and there are so many cars for the chic eco-warrior to choose from. This top 5 guide comes from Izzy at PassSmart, and is designed to suit all environmentally friendly ladies with a stylish streak.

The OLEV grant

As an incentive to go green, the OLEV car grant was introduced in the UK in January 2011, to tackle the premium cost of being a green motorist. All motorists buying a qualifying ultra-low emission vehicle are able to save up to £5,000 on theeir purchase. It’s a win-win!

SMART ed coupé

The SMART ed coupé is perfect for the city girl with places to be. It may be small, but when you’re trying to navigate the traffic of central London, its nifty size will be a godsend. The ed coupé has a range of 84 miles, and requires 3-4 hours charging time. You won’t have to pay for your car tax, congestion charge or fuel, so you’ll have more to spend on the things you really want, too!

The price of a SMART ed coupé is around £15,000, taking into account the OLEV grant.

Renault Fluence Z.E.

This electric, small family car is ideal if you’re looking for something a little roomier. With a range of 99 miles and a top speed of 84mph, it certainly feels more powerful than other electric vehicles on the market. It’s perfect for any glamorous mums out there and, of course, is car tax, congestion charge and fuel cost free. The Fluence takes a little longer to fully charge, at around 6-8 hours, so isn’t ideal for long journeys.

At £17,495 with the OLEV grant, the Fluence’s price is surprisingly modest compared to its fellow electric sedans. You will, however, have to lease the battery separately for around £76 per month.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris is a hybrid which boasts both style and practicality, and, although it’s a hybrid, is one of the greenest superminis on the market. The Yaris Hybrid also comes with the option of a fully electric mode; ideal for city driving. Not only is the Yaris Hybrid incredibly economical, but it’s also much better looking than its petrol-fuelled brother, the regular Yaris.

At around £15,000, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is one of the cheapest Hybrid’s on the UK market, and could be perfect if you want to add a touch of glam to your green lifestyle.

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 isn’t electric or hybrid, but with its TwinAir engine, it’s still very eco-friendly. With 30% less CO2 emissions than an average vehicle, it’s the perfect option if you want to look great and reduce your carbon footprint. A Fiat 500 POP starts at around £10,000, and your first year of road tax is free. After that, it’s only £30 a month.

The best thing about the Fiat 500 is that you can accessorize it to fit your own style, but, be careful, the more accessorizing you do, the more you’ll end up paying!

Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion

Understated yet stylish, the Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion is perfect as an eco-friendly runaround. With the reliability and build quality you’d expect from Volkswagen, you’ll know you’re making a great investment. The Bluemotion has a deceptively roomy interior, and could be the ideal vehicle for you.

Prices range from £15,365 for the Bluemotion, but your road tax will be free.

This guest content was written by Izzy Guarella. Izzy is a blogger for PassSmart