Heating Costs Can Be Reduced By At Least 10 Per Cent By Adding EndoTherm™ Solution To Central Heating Systems

Hospitals and homeowners are among the many different energy users who have seen their energy bills reduced significantly by using EndoTherm, a scientifically developed, proven technology that is added to the water in heating systems.

For example, East Ayrshire Community Hospital (EACH), a 64 bed hospital with a large day centre, is heated by a low pressure hot water system, which circulates hot water through radiators and calorifiers, providing heating to the hospital.

After EndoTherm was trialled in the hospital heating system, Scott Gibson, Energy Manager at EACH, confirmed a reduction of between 10 and 11 per cent in energy usage, compared with comparable months in previous years. He added: “EndoTherm has now been present in the hospital heating system for more than 8 months and the energy improvements have been sustained.” 

Similar results have been demonstrated in domestic tests, producing annual savings of more than 10 per cent in a typical three bedroom house.

With a 500ml application lasting a typical domestic house two years, EndoTherm’s current RRP of just £30 makes it inexpensive and cost effective, in addition to being very simple to install.


EndoTherm improves the thermal conductivity of water, accelerating the heat transfer to the bulk fluid and therefore increasing the efficiency of the heating system.


It has been extensively trialled, tested and proven over the last five years. Carshalton Power Assessment Centre, (CPAC), has also established that EndoTherm has no corrosive effect on a heating system and produces significant energy savings, thereby satisfying CSR commitments.


According to Alan Harris, former Curriculum Development Manager at CPAC explained: “An inspection of the heating system after 21 months confirmed, that the system was in excellent condition and there was no deterioration whatsoever in the Buderus boiler aluminium heat exchanger, or in the copper pipework of the system.


“In addition, the energy saving characteristics that had been evidenced in the initial trial period, were maintained throughout the extended trial period.”


Phil Buchanan, Managing Director of Endo Enterprises commented:

“This is a superb way for businesses and public sector organisations both to save substantially on costs and to implement their CSR commitment by reducing their energy consumption. It is an opportunity not to be missed.”