The Day of the Hedgehog

21 November 2015, 9.00-16.30
The International Centre, Telford

This first UK summit on hedgehogs in a decade promises to be a fascinating exploration of the issues facing Britain’s favourite wild animal in the 21st century.

The Day of the Hedgehog is organised by wildlife charities British Hedgehog Preservation Society and People’s Trust for Endangered Species as part of their joint Hedgehog Street initiative. Join them in celebrating the hedgehog – and fighting for its survival.

Despite being voted as Britain’s National Species in a 2013 BBC Wildlife Magazine poll, our native hedgehog is declining as fast as tigers in the wild.

From the latest data on hedgehog populations and the launch of a 10-year conservation strategy for the species, to emerging insights into why hedgehogs are in trouble and local community action that can help them, the day’s programme is jam-packed with talks examining the reasons for the dramatic drop in hedgehog numbers and what can be done to save the species.

You don’t have to be an expert to make a difference to hedgehog conservation and any interested members of the public are invited to attend this event.

Come along to hear from some of the country’s top specialists in hedgehog ecology and conservation, with confirmed speakers including:
· Dr Phil Baker, Lecturer, University of Reading
· Dr Simone Bullion, Senior Conservation Adviser, Suffolk Wildlife Trust
· Henry Johnson, Hedgehog Officer, Hedgehog Street
· Dr Pat Morris, President of BHPS and former Head of Zoology, Royal Holloway University and pre-eminent hedgehog expert
· Carly Pettett, researcher, WildCRU, University of Oxford
· Dr Nigel Reeve, former Head of Ecology, Royal Parks
· Simon Thompson, Hedgehog Officer, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
· Becky Walton, one of more than 34,000 volunteer Hedgehog Street Champions
· Hugh Warwick, hedgehog-loving ecologist and author
· Ben Williams, hedgehog researcher, University of Reading
· Dr Richard Yarnell, Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University

Members of the public can book tickets via

Tickets cost £35 which includes a sandwich lunch, refreshments and goody bag.