You Kitchen Cleaner Spray – Natural and Powerful

I’m loving this new brand of cleaning products. Affordable, powerful and they work!

Ultra Efficient

So, which will it be? Powerful, effective cleaning or a safe, environmentally friendly solution? Well how about both?! If you’ve been thinking you have to use chemicals to get an ultra efficient clean, think again! YOU’s naturally powerful plant based formulas have been independently tested against the chemical nasties you find in the supermarket and have proved to be as efficient, or better!


What does safe mean to you? To us it means confidence. It means knowing that you and your family are living and breathing in an environment that won’t damage your health. Here at YOU we feel strongly about your right to feel safe in your home, that’s why our products contain no synthetic chemicals. Not even a drop. We’re proud to say that YOU has been approved by Ecocert, who recognise environmentally friendly products of natural origin. But we’ll tell you what, we’re even prouder to say that we’re empowering families with busy lives, curious children and raucous pets to feel safer in their naturally cleaned homes!

Totally Refillable

We’ve all been there, Thursday morning, 6am, jumping on the lid of the green bin! It’s great that we’re able to recycle so much now, but what if we could take things one step further and create less waste by re-using too? YOU refills allow you to reuse your empty YOU bottle simply by using water and our innovative screw cap system, click here to watch a video of our refill system in action! They’re really easy to use, they’re smaller and cheaper, but they’re just as effective as the original bottle of YOU you bought! So that means less money, less carbon footprint and less time flashing your dressing gown at Mrs Jones from number 76 on bin day!

FAQs here:

Refilling your YOU cleaner is so simple. Remove the trigger spray from the bottle and fill it with 500ml of water. Then screw the refill onto the top of the bottle, and give the bottle a shake. Simply replace the refill with the trigger spray and you are good to go. Easy…now see for yourself!

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