Tapping in to free energy with Green Square’s new air source heat pump

Green Square, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy stores, is delighted to announce the newest addition to its product line – the Monobloc, an air source heat pump (ASHP) specifically engineered for the British climate by UK manufacturer Lailey & Coates.

By using the latest in renewable home heating technology, the Monobloc collects natural heat from the air and compresses it, increasing its temperature and providing energy to the home.

The energy device also provides hot water to a household, automatically reheating the water cylinder every time it is used, ensuring a constant supply. The energy in the atmosphere is effectively free and although some power is needed to drive the process of extraction, heating bills can be reduced by more than half.

The Monobloc’s easy-to-use mechanism gives the homeowner total control over their heating. By setting the room thermostat to the desired gauge, the ASHP will regulate the temperature all year round, regardless of the conditions outside. Even at subzero temperatures, energy can be extracted from the air meaning that 100% of a household’s heating and hot water needs can be met, whatever the weather.

But it is not just cost efficiency and effectiveness that make this clever piece of equipment appealing. Using the Monobloc ASHP can significantly reduce carbon footprint. When compared to a traditional electricity heating system which produces more than triple the amount of CO2 emissions, the Monobloc is kinder to the environment without compromising efficiency.

The attractive Monobloc units have been styled especially to suit the British garden setting. The four stage anti-rust paint process and hidden wall brackets provide a neat and tidy accessory to any property.

As well as saving money on monthly fuels bills, the Monobloc ASHP qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) government payback scheme which encourages the uptake of green energy supplies and it is estimated that as much as 65% can be saved on heating expenses in total.

Richard Hiblen, Director of Green Square, commented:

“I am pleased to welcome the Monobloc to our extensive line of renewable energy products.  The technology that the air source heat pump offers the consumer is exceptional.  Not only can it control the temperature of the heating throughout the home all year round, but it also heats the hot water on a consistent level throughout. ASHPs are efficient, cost less to run and are kinder to the environment so it’s the ideal green alternative.”

Prices for the Monobloc ASHP start at £3500

For more information on Green Square please visit www.greensquare.co.uk