New Release: Earth Sentinels – The Storm Creators

 The newly released novel, Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creatorsby Shaman Elizabeth Herrera, is a no-holds-barred piece of literary realism that sheds light on the serious issues affecting our planet while artfully weaving a captivating story filled with fascinating characters.

Earth Sentinels is a poignant adventure featuring a group of shamans, a fallen angel and indigenous peoples who use supernatural powers to save the planet from mankind’s greed, corruption and indifference. Inspired by current events, Earth Sentinels leads you through the world’s most pressing issues, offering amazing insights while instilling hope.

Earth Sentinels begins with the fallen angel Bechard somberly observing the world being destroyed by mankind’s greed, corruption and indifference. Realizing drastic measures are needed, he begins searching the globe for people who might join his quest to save the planet.

The fallen angel recruits 17-year-old Zachary, whose family’s organic farm is being ruined by fracking; Haruto, living in Fukushima, Japan, where the nuclear meltdown is raging out of control; Mahakanta, a cotton farmer in India, who used GMO seeds with devastating results; the Amazonian tribe members, Conchita and her father, Pahtia, fighting against intruders illegally tearing down their rainforest; and the Bear Claw First Nation Tribe who are dealing with an unstoppable oil spill that is ruining their traditional hunting grounds.

Using supernatural powers, the newly formed group creates spectacular displays of power that quickly grab the world’s attention, but as the events unfold and countries retaliate, the characters are forced to question their motives and listen to their hearts.

According to Michael Wisotzke, founder of the Truth Seeker Forum, “Earth Sentinels is a powerful read, showing maybe the only path to save our planet, which is to take back control from the dominating forces.”

Mark Champion of, said, “On occasion, we all read a book that we know will mark the time of our age. Where truth is illegal, communication is regulated and monitored, and humanity is impaled upon the skewer of power and greed, Earth Sentinels’ message is every bit as telling and accurate as Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451. It is a succulent portion of cold, hard truth played out with characters you share affinity with, understand and love.”



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