On Dragonfly Wings

Daniela Norris, former diplomat and atheist, discovers communication with the other side following the sudden death of her younger brother.

On Dragonfly Wings – a Skeptic’s Journey to Mediumship, is a candid and personal search for the meaning of life, of death and of grief. It aims to give hope to those who have lost a loved one and to those who are about to pass beyond – hope that this is not an end. Written for lay people, rather than experienced spiritualists or mediums, and for anyone who is curious about exploring further, it provides practical tools to help readers find their own spiritual truth and path.


  • As a reading fan of the Geneva Writers Group, I was asked for an honest review of Daniela Norris’s book, On Dragonfly Wings – a Skeptic’s Journey to Mediumship. Daniela Norris, a former diplomat, now writer began a spiritual quest following the loss of her younger brother Michael in a drowning accident in 2010. This powerful enlightening book was so touching that I have purchased three copies. One for the local library, a friend, and one for myself. The book is a personal journey that is educational, unpretentious, almost breezy, and written in an intimate personal style. On Dragonfly Wings – a Skeptic’s Journey to Mediumship is not intended to convert skeptics. Norris is speaking to the interested average reader, and not to people whose minds are already made up. As a reader, I was completely captivated by the personal stories such as the lonely spirit and the fire alarm. The personal hypnotic regression stories are intense, emotional, and have an amazing quality about them.
  • Each are well written and interesting. In fact, after the memory of the French Resistance fighter, I had a sense of gratitude and learned that all memories, emotional and physical, are powerful tools to help each of us benefit in the present. Furthermore, the memory of the young Tibetan boy and his mother’s love teaches that love is not only letting go, but the lasting gift toward others that will create an imprint upon both souls. Daniela Norris further provides the reader with many exercises that enhance the self-discovery of mediumship. The author observes that her principal interest in mediumship is not the mechanism behind the phenomenon, but its spirituality and social utility that has evolved over centuries. As she points out, “Scientists are the first to admit that there is very little in our world that science can currently explain – and this is not because its methods are flawed – but because it does not have all the right tools and information – yet.” Daniela Norris feels it should be possible to gain advantages from mediumship even if we don’t have a theory by which to explain it.
  • One of her top priorities in her personal journey of mediumship’s value is in the grieving process. She began this process after the loss of her brother and found that science and spirituality can build a respect for each other. This was proven at her brother’s funeral when a Palestinian, called “to offer his condolences, the look of disbelief on the faces of Michael’s young friends only intensifies. A Palestinian? Calling to offer his condolences for the death of an Israeli soldier!” It is this connection that science and spirituality will have one day. As our society ages, this topic may become even more relevant than it is today. For instance, when the author was toward the end of her pregnancy she had an experience with spoon bending that brought a powerful personal lesson. Each of these lessons presented to the reader are also unique and this book is much like a foundation to enhance your own personal self-discovery. I really appreciated how the author provides several “How To” useful guidelines, and an appendix with helpful links for additional reading. Daniela Norris also uses subtle symbolism. For example, the author had only 20 chapters but this was the same amount of years Michael lived. I also really enjoyed the quotes and poem provided by the author which enriches the book. From the death of her brother to the birth of her daughter, Daniela Norris gives the reader a full, thought provoking book on the power of self-discovery, death, reincarnation, past life regression, and on mediumship. I give my highest recommendation to, On Dragonfly Wings – a Skeptic’s Journey to Mediumship by Daniela Norris. ~ Ginger Dawn Harman, amazon.com
  • Daniela’s book is a gentle exploration of a difficult issue – is there a world of spirits out there? Prompted by the premature death of a younger brother Daniela is propelled out of her normal practical down-to-earth life and forced to explore the idea of other worlds. As a reader I journeyed with her doubt and marvelled at her faith in equal measure. Her voice is always calm and matter-of-fact, completely brushing away any idea of a dangerous hidden world of the occult, suggesting only that as human beings we explore the idea of a different level of consciousness. As someone from a small community of ancestor-worshippers, the idea of messages from beyond the grave is not alien to me – in fact as a child I have witnessed special events where mediums go into a trance to transmit such messages. As an adult I have experienced evidence of energy healing in the form of Reiki and Bach Flower remedies. Despite all this I consider myself a sceptic in terms of belief in the ability to communicate with other worlds. As Daniela shares her own initial scepticism with honesty and goes on to provide interesting anecdotes and plenty of research I could not help but be intrigued by the ideas introduced in it. Past-life regression, self-hypnosis, body memory, spirit-midwifery, soul-groups, spirit attachments, mediumship, shamanic journeys, all these and more are tackled in uncomplicated, concise prose. I read this book in two tranches over the course of the day it was officially published with increasing admiration for the journey it covers and the stories it tells. I have already lent it to a friend. Read this book to challenge your idea of consciousness and as a bonus there are even simple step-by step instructions on everything from using a pendulum to bending a spoon! ~ Seetha Chinnappa-Sarwal, Goodreads
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