Yours Truly Organic Case Study: Taking control of adult acne

Despite never suffering from acne as a teenager, Rachael, 40, from Southampton, has experienced severe adult acne since her 20s as a result of hormonal imbalances.

Rachael’s symptoms include oily skin, sore, infected break outs and low self-esteem when the breakouts are at their worst.

Rachael’s general health is good, taking regular exercise, and eating healthily whilst avoiding foods that seem to exacerbate the problem.  Rachael has also tried a huge variety of skincare products and medication, both off-the-shelf and medicated, from a long-term antibiotic to zinc supplements and a contraceptive pill, as well as many different creams, lotions and potions, but until now has never managed to find anything which brings her ski condition under control.

Rachael says:

“Having adult acne can make you feel very low. When my skin is at its worst, I avoid going out socially and have to wear thick make-up to try and cover the spots and redness. I am also very aware of the amount of chemicals that I’ve been using on my skin and worry about the long-term effects of this.  When I was approached to try the new Yours Truly Organics range, I was very willing to give it a go. Chemical-based products haven’t worked so far, so I thought that maybe a natural alternative would help.”

After using the four products in the Yours Truly Organic range religiously, twice a day, for ten weeks, Rachael’s skin has improved dramatically.  She is feeling more positive and out-going, spending more time with friends and wearing much less make-up. She felt that using the organic products, although needing a longer timeframe to start working, seem to be giving a more permanent improvement and she is happier not using chemicals.

Rachael adds:

“I love the Fix Me! Repairing Serum, it’s incredibly soothing on sore, red areas and I have noticed a reduction in the larger, angry spots.  The Balancing Toner is brilliant at really cleaning all the daily dirt from the skin without drying it out, like many toners I’ve tried in the past have done.

“Although I am still getting breakouts when my period is due, they are definitely fewer in number and smaller. The products are working really well and I am going to continue using them, as it seems that every month that goes by, the breakouts diminish even more. I’m very happy with the results and feel more comfortable using something natural on my skin. The Face Base Face Balm is a lovely moisturiser and gives me the perfect base for applying my (now much lighter and more natural layer) foundation.”

Here are Rachael’s top tips for coping with adult acne:

·         Drink plenty of water as this can help to flush out any toxins in the body and skin.

·         Although tempting, try to avoid wearing lots of heavy concealer and foundation, as this can clog pores and, in the long-run, make the problem worse.

·         Avoid squeezing, as this can make breakouts last longer and brings on more.

·         If you try something new, give it at least two months to notice if it is working.

·         Always moisturise – even though your skin is oily, it still needs hydration.

·         Avoiding sugary food helps, as sugar can boost your oil glands to work overtime.

·         Check with your doctor as to the cause of your acne. Mine is a hormonal imbalance, but it could just as easily be a contraceptive pill which doesn’t suit you, your diet or even your hair styling products!

After ten weeks of using the Yours Truly Organics range, Rachael:

·         Has an improved complexion

·         Feels happier going out socially

·         Has higher self-esteem

·         Has switched her make-up products to natural, organic brands

Not only has Rachael seen the benefits, but her husband also says he has noticed a big improvement in her overall mood and self-esteem.

The Yours Truly Organic skincare range contains active natural and organic ingredients that have been expertly blended especially for sufferers of adult acne and the resulting scarring. Key ingredients include Daisy Flower Extract and Pea Extract to help with oil production and scarring, Oats to soothe inflammations and Sandalwood Oil to help zap those zits.

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