Natural is the new fake How to enhance your cheekbones and décolletage

Enhancing beauty in a natural way is a useful skill for any woman. If you long for fuller cheekbones and a cleavage to die for, contouring with make-up is an easy and natural way to get results without surgery. TanOrganic’s Duo Bronzer, which contains two shades, is perfect for achieving this.

Noelle O’Connor, founder of TanOrganic and beauty therapist for over 20 years, offers her top tips for achieving the sculpted look:

Always start with a good base: Having hydrated, soft skin, and using a good moisturiser that suits your skin type will help to create a good base for any make-up application. Add a couple of drops of Oil Arganic (£24.99) from TanOrganic in with your daily moisturiser for ultimate hydration.

Use a foundation that works with your complexion and tone: Finding that perfect foundation can be tricky but is worth it. Always remember to blend well across the whole of the face, down onto the neck and into your hairline – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a make-up mask!

Contouring chiselled cheekbones: Using an angled brush and TanOrganic Duo Bronzer (£29.99), swirl across the darker chocolate shade and blend just under your cheekbones, towards the hair line. If you’re not sure where to apply, suck in your cheeks and apply along the hollow.

Next, flick any excess powder off your brush and swirl your brush over the lighter caramel shade. Apply this colour in the same motion as before, but just above the line of the darker shade.

Using a large, soft brush, blend the two together to diminish any harsh lines.  Finally, add a soft pink blusher to the apples of your cheeks to bring them out. To find the apples of your cheeks, smile and apply on the blusher on the plumpest area. Voila, contoured cheekbones!

Chin contouring: To create a more distinct jaw line and diminish a double chin, apply a light dusting of the chocolate shade under your chin line and sweep up towards your ears. Remember to blend well.

Enhance your womanly assets: Most of us would like to create the illusion of having a bigger or perkier cleavage but don’t fancy going under the knife.  Whilst there are many excellent bras out there to assist, using make-up can also help to give more shape and definition.

Use the darker chocolate colour underneath the collarbone and a dusting of the lighter shade above to begin with. For the bust area, use the chocolate shade in-between your breasts and sweep in a half-circle motion, creating a ‘V’ shape of colour. Blend this in well with a little of the caramel hue. The darker the layers, the more emphasis is created.


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TanOrganic is the World’s first and only Eco-Certified self-tanning brand. To qualify for Eco Certification a product must be:

At least 95% natural ingredients in the finished product

No GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, ingredients derived from petrochemicals or synthetic chemistry

No testing of the finished product on animals

The whole manufacturing process is controlled, up to the packing stage, and the packaging and outer packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable