Developed By Working Midwives…The Pregnancy Skincare Essentials For Expert Care At Home

Natural Birthing Company has launched, lending new mums a helping hand with its range of ‘unique-to-the-market’ natural based skincare systems created specifically to solve the unique skin challenges faced by women during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.  The first midwife developed line of skin treatments, NBC addresses specific concerns for women surrounding their pregnancy and breastfeeding – filling the gap in the market for expert care at home with “DOWN BELOW” perineal massage oil, “COOL IT MAMA” body spritz, “BLISSFUL TINCTURE” to help ease discomfort after birth and “BOSOM BUDDIES” breastfeeding survival kit. 


The first midwife developed line of skin treatments, Natural Birthing Company lends new mums a helping hand with its safe, naturally based skincare systems created specifically to solve the unique skin challenges faced by women during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.


Based on the latest industry research and clinical evidence, coupled with the expertise of leaders in holistic midwifery care, these innovative targeted products deliver both practical solutions and nurturing care at home – helping to restore optimum skin health, whilst at the same time relieving anxieties and keeping women feeling in comfort, empowered and in control.   


“DOWN BELOW” perineal massage oil With its safe composition of 100% natural oils (including Rosehip which promotes the production of the prostaglandins involved in tissue healing and regrowth) twice daily massage of “Down Below” will help the skin to stretch and increase the elasticity of your perineal muscles – reducing the chances of tearing during labour and scaring post birth, for a positive birth experience.  Also use to help prevent stretchmarks on bum, tum and thighs during and after pregnancy.


USE: Starting from 34 weeks of pregnancy, following the full instructions included, massage the perineum twice a day using “Down Below”. Additionally can be used from one month after giving birth to help prevent scaring.

“COOL IT MAMA” body spritz Pure bliss in a bottle, “Cool It Mama” immediately cools, soothes and revives the face, body and mind. A wonderfully uplifting aromatherapy spray, this Orange Blossom floral water with pure essential oils and hint of Menthol helps relieve a multitude of woes from pregnancy nausea and swollen heavy legs to battling the “baby blues” and cooling hot and bothered mamas during pregnancy and labour.  


USE: Spritz at arm’s length onto the desired area as and when you need for an instant blast of relief. Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.


“BLISSFUL TINCTURE” Soothe the spirit, jump start healing and help ease the discomfort of perineal soreness, tears and uncomfortable stitches, haemorrhoids or Caesarean section wounds with Blissful Tincture. Its traditional herbal blend of Hypericum and Calendula effectively works to promote fast healing of tissue post birth – for continued after care of new mums at home. Also use on wounds, general cuts and grazes for all the family, an essential for the First Aid box!


USE: Straight after birth for as long as is needed, either 1) add 1-2 pipettes to a bowl of ice cold water, mix well, then submerge a clean sanitary pad or flannel into the solution and place against the perineum. Leave up to 30 minutes. 2) Add 2-3 pipettes to a warm/cold “Sitz bath” or use as a douche onto the perineal area.


“BOSOM BUDDIES” breastfeeding survival kit The must-have TLC for every new mum, “Bosom Buddies” contains all the essential tools to help mothers face and overcome the most common breastfeeding difficulties:


“Ooh!” for engorged breasts. A blend of Geranium, Peppermint, Cyprus and German Chamomile provides swollen, tender and engorged breasts with comfort and relief when you feel close to giving up


“Aah” for low milk supply. Nursing is a supply and demand process, the more baby feeds, the more milk you will supply. Comprised of Fennel, Lemon Grass and Mandarin, combine the use of “Aah” with offering your baby the breast more frequently to enhance your milk supply


“Ouch” for sore nipples. Lavender, Neroli, Mandarin and Frankincense soothes and moisturises sore nipples. Together with correct positioning “Ouch” will help you on the road to a more pleasurable breastfeeding experience


Contains: Ooh, Aah, Ouch and two organic cotton flannels in a beautifully presented gift set.


USE: Simply add a few drops of “Ooh!”, “Aah” or “Ouch” to warm or cold water and using the organic cotton flannels supplied create soothing compresses for each breast, immediately inducing a feeling of comfort, relief and uplifting.


Experienced practising midwives and founders, Jane Mason and Theresa Mounsey believe that “Pregnancy, labour and the joy of becoming a new mum should remain a truly positive experience for women and our new products are designed to offer a high level of care – providing safe practical solutions and therapeutic comfort throughout every stage.”


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