Green Esthetics Launches With A Line Of All-Natural, Top-Quality Products For Personal Care

Drawing from 12 years’ experience in manufacturing esthetic goods, the new Green Esthetics venture brings health-focused and environmentally-conscious ingredients that don’t compromise in efficacy and safety. 

“Our ingredients are what set us apart,” said Michael Morton, founder of Green Esthetics. “Before hiring chemists and manufacturing consultants, our team conducted extensive research on all potential ingredients, picking those proven to be the most effective yet still safe and natural.”

The first three products released and now available include:


Argan Oil – Produced in its organic form with a small amount of clary sage and lavender extract for all-natural fragrance, our Argan Oil is completely natural. The limitless versatility of this “liquid gold” makes it ideal for face, body, hair, nails and problem spots. 


Longer Lash – This serum conditions lashes and brows by fortifying the hairs, giving back strength that soaps and make-up can take away without the harmful, synthetic chemicals that other lash treatments use. 

Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening – Brightening your smile, this non-peroxide formula works even for those with sensitive teeth and gums as it whitens without harshness.

Green Esthetics aims are simple: honesty in labeling, working hard to avoid absolutely any type of harmful ingredient and creating products that even the most health-conscious consumer can use with ease and confidence. They have scrapped the dangerous chemicals and practices that have become a standard in the beauty industry, including standing firm against testing on animals. Additionally, all of Green Esthetics’ products are made 100 percent in the USA.

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