Spa Fabulous Organics, A Natural On-Screen

Organic growth

Spa Fabulous Organics have always pioneered the way for professional organic skin care products and facials with their unwavering dedication to creating a range that delivers amazing results naturally. This has seen them acquire a strong following through the spa sector and also celebrities such as Lisa Snowdon (TV presenter and model), MyAnna Buring (actress Twilight and Downton Abbey) and now Magi Vaughan, Downton Abbey’s make-up artist who uses the products to help create a flawless complexion on set.


Timeless skin care

As the make-up artist and hairstylist for the cast of Downton Abbey Magi Vaughan needs to have complete confidence in her products being able to deliver fast acting and effective results. First introduced to the range by MyAnna Buring, Magi loves the products ‘for the natural ingredients used, they feel so gentle on the skin helping when it is stressed and I love that there are only a few products so that you feel less is more.’ She also loves ‘The Little Pot of Heaven’ eye cream and says ‘It’s genius. It gives a lift and feels beautiful. I’ve tried it on anyone who comes into the trailer, it’s a big hit!’


An audience with Magi Vaughan

We caught up with Magi Vaughan on her love for Spa Fabulous Organics, life and working on Downton Abbey:


Q. What do you love about the Spa Fabulous Organics products and which is your favourite?

I love the smell of the products – it makes you feel transported to a gorgeous spa. My very favourite is the eye cream.


Q. What do you love most about working on the Downton Abbey series?

It’s a beautiful series and the look is very important.

I love working on Downton because it gives me a chance to bring back the 1920’s in the most elegant and beautiful way possible.


Q. What tips can you give us for getting the Downton Abbey look?

Good skin, the men and women have to look like they have immaculate skin. Skin care is very important and to get that glow – which Spa Fabulous Organics certainly does.


Q. How important is a subtle, glowing and natural complexion on sets such as period dramas?

It’s extremely important, as you don’t want them to look like they are wearing any make-up at all. The better the skin – the easier my work is.


Q. Who is your favourite Downton Abbey character and why?

I love them all.

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