Botanical In The Spot Light : Yangu Oil

Inci: Calodendrum capense


Yang oil comes from the Calodendrum capense tree in Southern Africa. It is widely used by the Kikiyu tribe in  Kenya, who heavily rely on this oil for their skincare and hair care.

It is excellent for oily and combination skins due to its mattifying and oil regulating properties and has been known to protect the skin against ultra violet rays.

It is a very lightweight easily penetrating oil which leaves no oily residue. Yangu oil contains omega 6 & 9 essential fatty acids to name a few.

For the hair, it is well known for taming afro and unruly hair whilst nourishing it at the same time.


So Pure Skincare use only Virgin Yangu Oil in the Purifying & Balancing Concentrate which has been formulated for oily/combination skin prone to blemishes or congestion. This can be used in place of the usual moisturiser or serum. Please visit for more details.