Urban Retreat Launches The Next Generation Of Waxing

Well now, thanks to some significant advances in polymer technology, Outback Organics has created Outback

Gold, a buttery soft peelable and quick drying wax that is applied in thin, single layers with no need for fiddly

figure of eight patterns. Launching into Urban Retreat from October, the next generation of waxing has finally



As with all new services, Urban Retreat has trialled this product for the past three months and has found the

polymer technology effectively shrink wraps the hair as it dries and can work on areas that have been recently

shaved or with as little as only four days re-growth. Our days of being caught mid wax are over!


Outback Gold is tough on hair but gentle on skin and is as easy to use as strip wax. It remains supple when

cool and removes cleanly from the skin, with no stickiness or unpleasant residue. The low melting point

improves comfort on the most sensitive of body parts for both women and men and it’s an added bonus that

it’s shimmery gold in colour.


Waxing expert Andy Rouillard, who has trained a number of the Urban Retreat team in men’s waxing and

was instrumental in the development of Outback Gold, says:

“Urban Retreat  are renowned for the comfort and efficiency of their waxing treatments. With ever-increasing demand for intimate hair removal services and clients expecting the very best, Outback Gold meets the challenge head on by making waxing a more pleasant experience for all. Coupled with the Outback Organics range of pre and post-waxing skincare products, hair removal at Urban Retreat is a truly luxurious beauty treatment.”