Botanical Ingredient – Rose




Inci: Rose Damascena

The essential oil of  rose is one most precious and expensive to produce since it takes several tons of rose petals to get 1 kg of essential oil. It is used within perfumery as well as skincare and aromatherapy.


It is excellent for all skin conditions including rosacea and wrinkles.This fragrant flower yields a very expensive essential oil which is suited to all skin types. It has both anti-ageing and balancing properties.


The properties of Rose is extensively utilised throughout the So Pure Skincare range in the following products: Gentle Cleansing Drops, Radiance Flower Nectar, Anti Ageing Serum and Nutrient Elixir, Rejuvenating Eye Serum, Rejuvenating Body Elixir, Relaxing Bath Milk,  Argan Skin Rescue and Healing Hand & Body Balm.


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