Barbary Fig – Ingredient in the Spotlight

INCI /botanical name: Opuntia ficus indica

Prickly Pear seed oil is quite new to the beauty market. It is a rather expensive oil as it takes about 10,000 seeds to yeild a litre of its oil. It is native to Morocco and Tunisia as well as the USA and South  America. The Berber women have been using this precious oil for hundreds of years to protect their skin against the external aggressions.

This highly prized oil is considered a panacea in the fight against ageing. It restores firmness and tones the skin as well as reducing dark spots and scars. A rather dry oil which is quickly absorbed​ and reduces the appearance of large pores and acne making it suitable for all skin types and ages. Deemed more powerful than Argan oil ,due to containing over 70% of vitamin e as well and omega 6 & 9, making it a powerful antioxidant.


At So Pure Skincare,  we use organic, cold pressed and virgin Prickly Pear seed oil  in the following products: Anti Ageing Nutrient Elixir, Anti  Ageing Serum, Rejuvenating Eye Serum and Rejuvenating Body Elixir. These products can be purchased online at