Tips to stay sane at your first festival (for girls)

But if there’s one thing that fills most first-time female festival-goers with dread, it’s the thought of not washing for almost a week, having to use portable loos and ever fragrant long drops and sleeping in a muddy tent.


The amount of fun to be had at a festival certainly outweighs the lack of shower facilities, and with a bit of preparation you can be sure to enjoy the experience without worrying about hygiene.


These handy hints on what to pack for a festival, from Sharon Little at eco-friendly hygiene brand Organyc, will help ensure that with a little preparation you’ll have one of the best long weekends ever experienced, whether you’re going to Glastonbury or Global Gathering:


1. Travel light: You might think you need to bring your entire make-up bag, enough food to feed a small family for a week and five outfit changes for every day, but your bag will feel like it weighs a tonne after you’ve traipsed miles across a field to find a perfect spot to pitch your tent.


2. Don’t wear jeans: There’s nothing worse than being sweltering hot in a pair of full length jeans when the sun is shining, and even worse, when it rains they’ll soak up the mud from your ankles up to your knees and take forever to dry.


3. Remember wellies: You might think it’ll be OK to chance it if the weather forecast looks hopeful when you’re about to leave for the festival. NEVER rely on the British weather – if it rains, you WILL get muddy. And your shoes will get ruined. Thousands of people dancing on wet grass means it won’t stay green for long!


4. Pack wet wipes: The festival saviour and the number one way to stay clean in the absence of showers.


If there’s one thing you remember to take to a festival, make it wet wipes! Aim for a brand that will be kind to your skin and won’t lead to irritation.


Organyc Wet Wipes are made from soft organic cotton that’s grown without pesticides and is safe enough to be used even on intimate areas. They can also be used to remove eye make and freshen up underarms.


Organyc Wet Wipes contain calendula and chamomile extracts to moisturise and refresh, as well as lactic acid to help stabilise pH balance, and are free from parabens, alcohol and chlorine.

And, they’re biodegradable, making them extra kind to the environment.


5. You will be thankful for female urinals: The prospect of having a wee standing up might sound odd to say the least, but after the second day of the festival you’ll be thankful that you don’t have to sit down or squat in a portable loo.  Some festivals, including Glastonbury, have a special female urinal area, or search online for a portable female urinal device to take with you. Likewise, remember to pack loo roll – it’s a festival must!


6. Bring a torch: Trying to find your tent when it’s crammed amongst hundreds of others of a similar shape and colour can be challenging even during daylight hours at a festival. Trying to find it in the dark is even more difficult, so remember to take a torch so you can find your way when the sun goes down.


7. Have fun: The most important thing about festivals is having fun and soaking up the unique atmosphere. Once you get there you’ll forget any anxiety about missing your hair straighteners or going without a shower for a few days.


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