Why You Should Use Organic & Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Many people are making the switch to organic, eco-friendly beauty products for a variety of different reasons. You shouldn’t be afraid to make the switch either, since most organic, eco-friendly products work just as well for their intended purposes as their chemical-laden counterparts.


Your Health


Organic, eco-friendly products generally have much higher mineral and nutrient content since they’re made with ingredients that aren’t conceived in a lab. This can do wonders for your skin and hair seemingly overnight.


Products that are natural are also free of chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate, which can aggravate your skin and scalp, and has been linked to a variety of different physical problems. 


Many organic and eco-friendly beauty products are also free hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, which means they aren’t likely to cause irritation and breakouts. 



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Better for the Environment 


Most companies that sell organic and eco-friendly beauty products make an effort to ensure that their products don’t use ingredients that aren’t sustainable. For users, that means that they aren’t supporting a company that’s harming the earth through the manufacturing of their products.


Organic and eco-friendly companies also commonly do what they can to reduce waste by making their packaging from recycled materials. Some companies even work to cut down on waste by selling their products with less protective packaging. 


Organic, Eco-Friendly Products are Cost Effective


Many people think that they’re going to have to spend a fortune in order to buy organic, eco-friendly beauty products. While many organic, eco-friendly products used to be more expensive than regular, traditionally produced products, consumer demand for these products has made their price point much lower.


In fact, many consumers can find organic, eco-friendly products for less than their normal beauty products. Don’t be afraid to do some investigative shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online to see how your normal products stack up with effective, eco-friendly ones.



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They Really Work


Some women are afraid to switch their old-standby beauty products like makeup out for organic, eco-friendly ones, even if they really want to be healthier and help promote a cleaner earth. That’s because a lot of women are simply worried that the organic, eco-friendly versions of their favorite products won’t work as well.


The truth is, many organic and eco-friendly products work just as well as their chemical-filled brethren. Of course, you may have to play around with a few different brands to see what works best for you, but your overall look isn’t going to suffer.


You might even find that you look better when you use organic, eco-friendly products like eye makeup since they aren’t so hard on your skin. Some eco-friendly and organic products even contain minerals that can help repair damaged skin!


Bio: Marcela De Vivo is a health & beauty blogger from L.A. She currently writes about skin lightening as well as skin health tips for Skintrium