What is needed is a more gentle way to improve skin texture and appearance without causing any irritation. The S5 range has been specifically formulated for reactive, problem skin, with powerful bioactives from the most extreme ecosystems on the planet. Plants sourced from these regions have been forced to adapt to volatile conditions and are some of the most effective bioactives currently available. They are also uniquely able to reduce skin stress and inflammation.


The Vitality Mask contains 3 bioactives, clinically proven to energise and perfect the skin:

       Marine enzymes that have been sustainably derived from salmon caviar hatching water. These enzymes mimic the skin’s own enzymes and gently detach dead skin cells in the outer layer of the skin without affecting the living cells beneath. They have been clinically proven to give comparable results to AHAs without causing skin irritation, reducing imperfections by 60% and pore size by 20%. The result is instantly brighter, porcelain smooth skin.

       A second marine bioactive derived from the marine plant Alaria Esculenta works at a cellular level by improving respiration and energy production and stimulating inter-cellular communication and cellular metabolism. It boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid production to plump and firm the skin.

       A rainforest bioactive derived from the Amazonian plant Bidens Pilosa has a retinol like effect, without the irritation. It increases cellular longevity by boosting the effect of sirtuin gene expression. It has a lightening effect on the skin due to the reduction of melanin, the pigment which gives skin its colour, reducing age spots by 36%. It encourages cell renewal, plumping wrinkles from the inside out, reducing wrinkle depth by 28% and roughness by 35%.  Skin radiance and texture are improved with restored firmness.

Founder of S5 Laura Rudoe says:

“Our new Vitality Mask creates porcelain smooth, energized and younger looking skin, without any of the side effects of AHAs or retinol for brilliant results without irritation”.


The S5 concept is a Good Ventures business, the team behind the successful premium natural skincare brand NUDE skincare. The team has over 20 years of experience in product development with specific expertise in natural and organic formulations.

S5 is the first range of certified organic cosmeceuticals. All S5 products are EcoCert certified organic and use only 100% natural active ingredients. S5 is ideal for sensitive skin and is free from Parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGS, DEA, Mineral Oil, Silicon, Propylene Glycol, GMO and synthetic fragrances. 


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