I Gotta Have Faith! Unleash the Power of Nature

Part of the Faith Lift range of products, which also includes Faith Lift eye, lip and cream products, the mask boasts a powerful cocktail of naturally derived ingredients which  lift, tone and firm the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The product gently stimulates circulation and increases blood supply, helping to restore tone and elasticity for instant, noticeably lifted, firmer skin as well as a youthful, radiant glow.

Julieann, who is trained in beauty therapy and cosmetic  science, hand mixes all the products herself, and has been developing and perfecting her skincare lines for over 14 years now under the brand name Tibby Olivier.


Using her knowledge of different ingredients and how they react together, Julieann experiments with new ingredients as soon as they hit the cosmetic market to come up with her exciting and original formulae.


She said: “I carry out extensive research for every product and ensure I have perfected the formula before personally testing each and every one.

“Although this is time-consuming, I will not release a product onto the market just for the sake of having the latest ingredients; it must actually do what I claim it does.”

Julieann is dedicated to the use of organic ingredients and it is this combination that is placing her products in such demand.


“I personally have very sensitive skin, so I only use organic products,” she said. “Organic skincare preparations are the most natural solutions that you can use to care for your skin, and are undoubtedly the first substance to be utilised by man when he discovered that his skin needed attention.


“Not only comforting to the skin, organic formulas also repair and correct. If applied in the right way, they can prevent the presence of many skin disorders, while helping to keep skin healthy and young looking for a long time.


“All our formulations are against animal testing, vegan-friendly, paraben-free, BSB sulphate-free, propylene glycol-free, silicone-free, DEA-free and artificial colour free. Why use chemicals that can cause your skin to react when you don’t have to?”


It is only within the last few years that Julieann has launched these products to the wider beauty market to worldwide acclaim.


Today, Faith Lift is a huge hit in Ireland, Cyprus, Norway, Poland and Spain and is really starting to take off in Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, through strong distribution links, but she is now looking to expand the brand’s reach throughout the UK.


She said: “I can really see people choosing to hold Faith Lift parties in the near future in favour of more intrusive age defying processes such as Botox. Therapists who have used the product have never tried a mask like it; the tightening effect when the mask is applied is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.”