Beauty is Within

Love YOU it is within that counts, Do you or I wish to look like everyone else ?

We each bring something new and different to this life, don’t give in to the media, Embrace who you are

What is wrong with the Female form in all shapes and Sizes.  Are we all to look the same? Why do women not embrace there bodies, embrace there ages and changing bodies as the years go on.

When we Die will our last thought honestly be “Oh I wish I had been a Size 10 all my life?” I think not.

 Surely we would embrace the great things in life, how we shared our life and love with people, how we handled ourselves in adversity, how we embraced our life and dealt with each challenge with dignity and helped our fellow man or woman when we could………………Surely we are each here to have our own unique individual experiences in what ever colour, race or size we choose to be*?

I am not stick thin, I wish to be the person who loves her body and feels great in her body.  People who are happy in there lives are comfortable in there skin*  Women I feel are too hard on themselves and the media is really hard on us, rise above it, be you be healthy EMBRACE your Self



Every Body Deserves Love?*