The Worlds First Organic, Raw Serum with an ORAC Score of 10 Million

Do you have skin like the model in this photo does? Nope, me either. The beauty industry, which is set to be worth 265 Billion by 2017, is full of images like the one above, but these girls are often heavily airbrushed and altered to make people think their skin is perfect and that if you buy the product they are promoting, then you’re going to have perfect skin too. But logically we know that most of the time, skincare just doesn’t work that way, especially if the products we use are not formulated well or are full of chemicals that can make your skin (and health!) worse over time. Many women don ‘t realize that their skin products will actually age them in the long run, not to mention damage their vital organs.

It’s true though isn’t it, that the first thing someone notices about you, and you about them, is usually their skin.

If we don’t have naturally good skin, is it possible to drastically improve it without harsh treatments and toxic ingredients, and without spending a lot of money? Can we really clear up acne quickly and safely, without using chemicals or drugs?

As an ex-cosmetician who has been interested in the skin for a very long time, I found it really disheartening to think that for big changes in the skin to happen some harsh treatments may in fact be needed. But that was before I found out about this amazing new product.

I’m thrilled to say that recently I came across Herbal Face Food TM – created by J. Michael Zenn, microbiologist and herbalist – which is a world first organic serum containing a special blend of 100% organic and wild-harvested essential oils, concentrates, and extracts that are sourced from all over the world. Also unique about this serum is the fact that it contains a heretofore unheard of ORAC score of 10 million!


Oregano oil has natural fungicide and antiseptic qualities. Helps keep skin clear from spots and acne.

ORAC means “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity” and is a rating system created by scientists at the National Institutes of Health to measure a food’s antioxidant capacity. Foods that have a higher ORAC score contain more antioxidants, which are essential for good health and good skin. Other types of natural skin care products often receive up to a 100,000 ORAC score. I used to think that was pretty good, but once I learned that there was a product like Herbal Face Food out there with a score of 10 million, I knew I needed to try it. Now, I totally get that skin is usually a reflection of what’s going on on the inside. You’ve got to eat right and take good supplements to have good skin. But I think using the right products on the outside can effect change on the inside too. You’ve just got to know what works.


Main Ingredients Of Herbal Face Food And Why They Work So Effectively

1) Herbal Face Food TM married spicy hot with cooling herbs so you get the powerful benefits of antioxidants and enzymes.

Clove, oregano, and thyme are SPICY herbs.




Myrrh has been celebrated throughout history as very precious. It has anti-aging effects on the skin and a wonderful perfume.

2) The serum doesn’t just contain essential oils. The plants in the product are a combination of concentrates, extracts, essential oils, CO2 extractions (this method ensures the most potent extracts), and plant particles from the bud, leaf, root, fruit, and pulp, allowing for maximum nutrients and powerful effects.


3) Their ingredients are organic and wild harvested by hand, supporting local communities all over the world. Herbal Face Food TM is a completely sustainable product and does not impact the environment in any negative way.

Full ingredient listing – zero nasties!
Skin Face Food May Help Your Health Internally Too

It’s not often a skincare product can do this, but due to the presence of powerful essential oils and other penetrative ingredients (essential oils can penetrate across the blood brain barrier), Herbal Face Food TM can work its magic deep inside the body too.

Many people who say they’ve tried “everything, so many diets, supplements etc.” are saying that Herbal Face Food has worked for them when nothing else did. I personally believe it’s because of the special intensive essential oils in the formula that people are noticing drastically improved skin. The high ORAC rating would also be responsible for this impressive reaction. I think Herbal Face Food TM is a great way to treat both the outside and the inside, as essential oils can work in harmony with whole body system.

Herbal Face Food TM is very potent and powerful and should be used 2x a day – morning and night. A 2oz full size bottle is made to last a month to 6 weeks. If someone is dealing with severe acne, cystic acne, scarring, melisma, or hyperpigmentation they can use it more often to see quicker results.

Did you know: “You eat what you put on your skin”?

It’s true. 70% of what you rub on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Toxins from conventional skincare products (linked to cancer amongst other things!), can be found in your blood within minutes and in your organs within hours after applying.

If you wouldn’t eat something or don’t want it in your body, then please don’t put it on your skin. But when you rub Herbal Face Food TM into your skin, it’s like feeding your face and your body a pure, healthy, concentrated salad. Herbal Face Food TM patent-pending plant formulation helps heal the ten most visible signs of aging: wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, discoloration, loss of radiance, redness, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, loss of smoothness, and impurities/toxins.


Benefits Of Herbal Face Food:

treats eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne
treats melasma
helps bug bites, burns, and scars
acts as a natural deodorant
reduces wrinkles and sun damage
deeply hydrates and nourishes
promotes cellular regeneration
attacks damaging free radicals
supports collagen and elastin layers
smoother and younger looking skin
controls acne and scarring
repairs, nourishes, and feeds the skin
helps diminish deep lines and wrinkles
visibly improves skins texture
increased skin elasticity while it tightens
diminishes pore size
lifts and firms skin
balances extremely dry or oily skin
brightens and evens skin appearance
does this without using any harsh or toxic chemicals
10 million ORAC score – the most amount of antioxidants found in any skincare product

Extra Special Qualities Of Herbal Face Food


What Is It Like To Use Herbal Face Food?

Herbal Face Food TM has a powerful herbal scent. These plant concentrates are extremely “aroma therapeutic.” Many experience relaxation and a sense of well-being after use. It absorbs rapidly and the aroma generally fades in 15 minutes. The company says they “cannot alter the powerful scent without distorting the healing powers of the plant.”

Upon application, Herbal Face Food TM will create a thermophillic effect upon your skin. This stinging to burning sensation can last up to a minute or two. This is totally normal and signifies that the powerful plant antioxidants and enzymes are stimulating and working deep in the skin cells.

Herbal Face Food TM has been used not just for the complexion but for a number of other things as well. Many people now use two drops of Herbal Face Food TM on their toothbrush for bleeding or receding gums. The company have a handful of clients that have offered testimonials claiming that their skin cancer has reduced or gone away entirely. Herbal Face Food TM however, does not claim they cure cancer.

Find Out More: Listen To These Ladies Who Both Use Skin Food

To really understand why Skin Face Food actually works wonders without chemicals, please watch this informative and fun interview with Diane Kazer and Monique, who is from the Herbal Face Food TM company. Both of these lovely ladies are certified nutritionists (Monique is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist) who really know about what makes good skin. And oh my, their own skin speaks volumes about how good this product is. In this video they talk about what ingredients are in the serum, why they work, and what to expect when you use it.


What’s In Your Current Beauty Products?

If you aren’t using natural products you might want to take a look at this list below so you can see just what’s inside the products you are using.


This list is pretty scary, huh? Who would have thought that what you put on your face affects pretty much every aspect of your health? Avoiding organ damage as much as you can is highly advisable!

Please visit the Herbal Face Food website to check out their amazing serum. Another equally fantastic product that is also raw and edible is their Herbal Body Food, formulated with 7 of the most powerful rainforest plants from 3 different continents, including from India and the Amazon and African rainforests.

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