Simply the BEST hair brush ever. I’ve tried a few over the years, mason and pearson, aveda and other fairly expensive brushes. But this Wet Brush is absolutely incredible.   I know its odd to hear someone rave about a hair brush but you’ve just got to try it out. And what’s really great is that they are REALLY affordable!

Want a new detangling brush which offers revolutionary benefits; without harming a hair on your head and with high levels of responsibility to the environment? The Wet Brush, the number 1 selling detangling brush in the US has just unveiled their new The Earth Collection.

Perfect for those wanting to turn over a green leaf, this ‘cult’ detangling brush has been developed with a stylish bamboo handle (also chosen for its weight and comfortable grip) which is waterproof and from sustainable sources from mother earth. The stylish packaging is also eco-friendly and made with 100% recyclable paper. The Wet Brush is donating proceeds to non-profit charity: water to provide safe drinking water to a school in Cambodia.

“voted the best detangling brush in the US” 

Developed originally for professionals by Jeff Rosenzweig of JD Beauty Group, the Wet Brush was designed to provide healthy brushing and detangling. The Wet Brush looks like an ordinary hair brush but it’s unique, revolutionary bristles set it apart from other counterparts. 

With a beautiful, easy to hold, ergonomic handle, The Wet Brush quickly and painlessly detangles even the thickest, most stubborn hair thanks to its revolutionary bristles. Specially developed to use on wet hair (wet hair is more prone to tangling, stretching and snapping) and dry hair The Wet Brush’s IntelliFlexbristle is designed to be ultra thin and flexible, yet still have rapid recovery memory to instantly bounce back to its original form. Flexible on one stroke and firm on the next, the adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex™ eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping resulting in no split ends or hair loss. In addition, the soft and gentle ball tip bristles provide a massaging action that stimulates circulation at the follicle and is a proven benefit for hair health. 

Easy for adult and small hands to hold, this clever brush can even be used on extensions and wigs. Designed for women, men and children of all ages The Wet Brush is perfect for use in the shower, after a shower, at the salon, on the beach and on children who cringe at the sight of a hairbrush.


 A professional detangling brush, used by top stylists but available to everyone

 Great for children

 Great for thinning hair

 Effective on hair extensions and wigs.

 The only brush with Intelliflex technology

 Soft floating cushion

 Rubberised, non slip ergonomic handle

 Softer, longer bristles that work on all hair types and lengths

 Soft, gentle polytips on the end of each bristle

The Wet Brush £11.99 is available in many different colours from Cult Beauty, Sally stores nationwide and salons nationwide.