Mimi Do It Yourself Skincare Kits

These kits are so good! Beautifully packaged, easy and fun to use, and contain natural ingredients. What a wonderful gift this will make to someone you care about!  I tried out the kit that makes a lemon orange scented body scrub. Gorgeous! I made a little video about it on my instagram feed.

MIMI is a make-your-own skincare brand so you know exactly what goes into your skincare regime. As you pour, blend, mix and stir, MIMI allows you to adjust the ingredients depending on your skin type. Suitable for ALL skin types, including rosacea.

MIMI also pride themselves on responsibly sourcing all ingredients ethically – so no palm oil, preservatives, parabens or chemicals. MIMI only uses ingredients that are 100% natural, fair-trade, cruelty-free and certified organic. Not only leaving your skin looking and feeling great, you can trust MIMI because you make it yourself.

With four kits currently available in the range – a night oil, body scrub, “green goddess” face mask and limited edition “dark chocolate” face mask for Easter; MIMI is 100% naturally high in antioxidants to hydrate, moisturise and tone your skin. Containing powerful vitamins, key nutrients and antioxidant flavanols, you can make your own 100% natural, professional standard skincare products for your face and body. Fuss-free, simply mix in minutes in the comfort of your own home.