The dos and don’ts of holiday fake tan

Having a fake tan can give a slimmer and healthier appearance and many people self-tan before summer arrives or prior to going on holiday so as not to look like a ghost on the beach! Knowing how to care for your tan so it doesn’t fade unevenly will ensure you stay looking like a bronzed goddess.

Noelle O’Connor, Founder of TanOrganic and self-tan expert, comments:

“I get asked many questions about self-tanning on holiday as no-one wants to come back with a dry, flaky tan.”

Below are the five most frequently asked questions Noelle gets asked, along with her expert answers:

Will swimming in the sea or pool ruin my fake tan?

Wait at least eight hours after tanning before submersing yourself in water. Although chlorine in swimming pools and salt in sea water won’t make your tan go streaky, it will make it fade more quickly so make sure you take extra self-tan with you on holiday to top it up. TanOrganic’s Self-Tanning Oil (£24.99/100ml) is a great gradual tanner that will enhance your natural colour with a bronze glow.

Will my fake tan protect me from the sun?

The simple to answer to this is NO. It is, however, a common misconception that the darker your skin is, the less you will burn. This is totally false so wear sun cream and try to stay out of the sun.

Will applying SPF sun cream streak my tan?

Fake tan won’t protect your skin from sun exposure so it’s important to apply a high SPF factor sun cream over your fake tan. Opt for a DHA-friendly sun lotion to avoid streaks. An added advantage is that it can actually work as a barrier against chlorine and salt water fading your tan.

Will sweating in a hot country make my tan run?

It is advisable to avoid perspiring for at least eight hours after self-tanning. This can be difficult if you are topping your tan up on holiday so try to do it in the evenings when the temperature is cooler. Once the tan has dried however, sweat won’t make it go streaky.

Will shaving my legs every day make my tan go flaky?

Shaving gives a similar effect to exfoliation so if you shave your legs every day ensure you use a good shaving cream and moisturise afterwards to avoid flakiness. TanOrganic Oil Arganic (£24.99/100ml) is the perfect accompaniment to your self-tan preservation routine, as it contains a unique blend of plant and nut oils to hydrate skin deeply.

As with all queries about fake tan, it is important to look after it, reapply when necessary and keep skin exfoliated and well-hydrated.