So Pure Skin Care Antioxidant Rejuvenating Concentrate

One big perk about being brand ambassador for a skincare range is of course getting to try all of the products out! Geeta sent me a lovely package this week with 6 products that I am happily trying on a daily basis.  I have been using her Antioxidant Rejuvenating Concentrate and WOW it’s amazing! It’s worthy of being a cult beauty product. The Beauty Editors of Magazines have to find out about this product! It goes on like a dream, the skin just loves it so much and it instantly hydrates even the driest skin. Only a small amount is needed (especially under makeup) and it gives your skin a lovely sheen which is a sign of healthy skin! Smells heavenly from the precious ingredients Geeta has carefully used.


This magical pot (it normally is a container with a pump, I have a sample jar)  is 80% organic and contains stable high potency vitamin c as well as has coq10 which helps cells deep in skin. Kiwi seed helps to calm redness in the skin. There’s even broccoli seed in here too – food for skin! Amazing 5* and it is sold for a very good price! Another company sell similar product for £60! This is almost half the price! world wide shipping