DD’ Just Went Organic – Green Peoples Got You Covered

This daily use Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15 has a unique skin-kind formula, available in two blendable tones, light and medium, offering sheer coverage and a natural glow to all skin types with no colour matching required. Made with colour correcting natural earth minerals, this lightweight cream will reduce redness, balance out sallow complexions and won’t block pores, leaving you with a smooth and even skin tone.

As your perfect base for Make-up, not only will this DD moisturiser minimise the appearance of pores, it also primes and perfects the skin’s surface. Plus, thanks to its all day staying power, it will hold your Make-up in place from day to night. An instant skin beautifier, this youth-boosting formula by Green People also offers long term action against wrinkles and fine lines, while boasting natural UVA and UVB protection. Use daily for easy-wear coverage and skin that looks hydrated and illuminated for a flawless complexion.

The power of Plant Stem Cells

Stem cell technology from the Sea Fennel plant stands the NEW Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15 apart from its competition. This groundbreaking natural extract offers a complete anti-ageing solution for the skin. Now all the benefits you demand from your moisturiser are available in a superior tinted moisturiser:

• Intense hydration – boosting skin radiance and tone
• Skin renewal stimulation – increased cell turnover
• Antioxidant protection against UVB induced free-radical production

More key benefits:

Cotton and Linseed oils – locking in water for prolonged hydration
Natural Minerals – offering blendable colour and Spf protection
Sweet Almond oil – Long term action against moisture loss
Spanish Needle – Stimulates collagen synthesis promoting skin regeneration

Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser £34.95.

Find out more at www.greenpeople.co.uk/agedefy

 Green People has been pioneering organic personal care products since 1997 and was instrumental in founding the first standards in natural & organic cosmetics. Charlotte Vøhtz, Founder of Green People, joined the Soil Association committee in 1999 and the first standards were launched in 2002. Age Defy+ celebrates the beauty of women with an innovative skin care collection that allows you to look the way you feel inside. Combining the miracle of nature with the brilliance of science, Age Defy+ works in harmony to visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles and reveal renewed skin radiance. This effective and exquisite skin care regime for women aged 35+ is rich in age defying botanicals and plant stem cells for optimum skin regeneration, moisture balance and deep hydration. The innovation is in the unique combination of phyto extracts and scientifically proven plant actives which work in synergy to promote optimum collagen synthesis, target uneven pigmentation and diminish wrinkles to defy the turning of time. “In Age Defy+ I have created a unique collection of organic and natural youth-boosting skin essentials dedicated to delivering radiance, clarity and vitality. These cutting edge botanicals are designed to improve your complexion and skin tone through your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.”