I'm a nurse, homeopath, acupuncturist, iridologist and whistleblower. I have created my own homeopathy range which one day I hope to re-release. Beginning in the late 70s, in a wide range of health care professions, starting with orthodox health care and seeking much frowned upon ‘outside’ help when no answers were available (which was often) I made the exodus to becoming at first a Natural Health professional, then an Integrative Health professional (combination of multi modality skills, research and knowledge) – along with many of the most honest and searching colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with – an exodus that continues today at an alarming rate. Despite the Integrative Health arena being the fastest growing form of health care in the world, it is still publicly not recognised, nor do our health authorities intend to change this. Not while massive fortunes are being spent draining nations of vital funds, channelling it all into the pharma giant coffers. My Background: State enrolled nurse Diploma Herbal Medicine Diploma Organic Farming & Gardening Advanced Diploma Homoeopathy Diploma Clinical Acupuncture Diploma Cupping Therapy Certs in – Iridology Natural Nutrition Supplementation Cert IV Workplace Training PhD Health Sciences Interests/experience – Vegan alkalarian Health writing & lecturing (including homoeopathic component of naturopathy degree) Philanthropy Health education

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